Hand sketching a designer villa with pool
Hand sketching a designer villa with pool





Designing Expedient, Efficient, Cost Effective Solutions

At BEC Engineers and Consultants, we have the experience and credentials in civil and structural design for your building solutions.

We design with satisfaction and confidence and offer communication every step of the way, whether you are a builder, architect, designer, or homeowner.  Our team of professional engineers and support staff will bring your vision to realization.  We are BEC Engineers and Consultants, and we are Civil and Structural Engineering at its best.


“BEC Engineers and Consultants approach every project with a desire to deliver not only something that works but also something that works to elevate the design. Whether it’s providing feedback on best practices and new concepts, or insights to achieve unique design features, our collaboration with their team has proven invaluable and developed into a great partnership.”

Reynold Scott Magnuson , studioMET Architects

“We met BEC Engineers and Consultants while working on a very challenging high-profile remodeling job, we were very impressed with their knowledge and flexibility which opened up the door to collaborate with them on more projects, including new construction. BEC will always look at every project and propose unique solutions. They are very receptive to our ideas, always reviewing them thoroughly. Instead of telling us something doesn’t work, they offer innovative cost-effective solutions of how to solve structural dilemmas more efficiently. If you value thoughtful structural design, we highly recommend BEC for your next project!”

Javier Medina, AIA , Origin Architects, LLC

“We have a long relationship with BEC Engineers and Consultants. Karl Breckon and I have done a lot of work together and some of the homes we’ve had featured in the past were engineered by him and his staff. They are solid and do a great job, I’d refer them to anyone!”

Keith Messick, Merge Architects