Corporate culture is usually a visionary concept that management tries to manifest to the employees. At BEC, the corporate culture evolved with a two-way street between the employees and founder, Karl Breckon’s core values. Two factors occurred that helped define and clarify BEC’s corporate culture and created one of their core values for success.

Factor Number One: The BEC team demonstrated such a strong work ethic, yet they also lived well-rounded lifestyles. BEC employees were involved in continuing education, long term family care commitments, community involvement, and intramural sports while maintaining the highest standard of work ethic to produce timely and accurate deliverables for BEC client projects. The BEC team worked hard. Weekends could be as busy as Monday morning. However, balance had always been a core value of CEO, Karl Breckon, and flex time was always open for discussion and encouraged. “When employees exhibit a strong work ethic, like this BEC team, it was easy to provide flexibility”, said Karl; “being well rounded in home, work, and community life; our employees live with a balance of experiences. Allowing room for the growth of these experiences promoted creativity that transcended back to the workplace. It truly is a win-win for individuals and the company.”

Factor Number Two:  The BEC team comes from a diverse background of ethnic cultures, different ages, and different levels of education. Yet this team always exhibited respect and open-mindedness to learn and grow from each other. At BEC, all employees are equal colleagues. BEC value that the employees’ individual traits create different perspectives that produce out of the box, innovative solutions for our clients.

We are a diverse, relaxed and flexible company that expects the best from its team members. In return, we want to provide our team members with a balanced lifestyle that enables them to grow and feel encouraged to share ideas and speak openly to produce innovative solutions for our clients.