BEC offers an array of high-value services. 

Every first step of our client’s construction plans for any building, residence or infrastructural roadway or land development starts with a solid structure built with cost effective design solutions from our experienced engineering team.  At BEC Engineers and Consultants, LLC, your foundation and structural integrity is the cornerstone to ensure the longevity of your investment in a sturdy environment which meets or exceeds governmental code compliance and standard of care.  We have developed trusted designs with over 40 years of industry experience specific to the south-central regions of the United States and around the world.

We provide our clients with flood volume displacement and mitigation methods to improve property values and prevent future flood damage.  Our experience delivers solutions with confidence that only comes from the leader in the industry, BEC Engineers and Consultants.

Our services include structural engineering expert witness and litigation support in mediations, arbitrations, and court cases.  Our investigative reports range from a simple engineering analysis to more complex reporting portfolios to assist judge and juries understand the technical issues at hand.

We utilize forensic engineering and investigation resulting from hurricanes, floods, storms and other natural or manmade disasters.  We provide structural evaluation, wind vs. flood assessment, wind failure analysis, and roof and fire damage investigation.  At BEC Engineers and Consultants, we can analyze your claims precisely and expeditiously to ensure the loss is restored in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We specialize as one of the leaders in the industry for engineering the very finest and most unusual swimming pools with intrinsic design features with special structural and foundation requirements.  We are the solution to creating your dream’s vision.

Additionally, we assist homeowners with many in-home renovation projects including exterior outdoor extensions, rooms, arbors and hardscape structures to give homeowners the peace of mind for structural and foundation integrity in accordance with compliance codes and ordinances.

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