Modern Architecture & Design Society

MA+DS serves as a forum for members of the architecture design and lifestyle community to share ideas, propose innovation and uncover the hidden gems of our favorite cities in the US and abroad. Through tours, media, and idea exchange, established and emerging talents can collaborate, showcase their work and better connect with a worldwide audience to build better living spaces, lifestyles, and brands for the modern consumer.  BEC is proud to be the Houston Modern Home Tour’s Title Sponsor for 2018 and 2019.  During the 2019 tour, Tristan Sarremejane (P.E.) one of BEC Engineers and Consultants, professional engineers, shot external and internal footage of the tour to showcase the modern homes for all to enjoy.

BEC was proud to partner with Origin Architects and MA+DS to produce the podcast “A Home for Cats!”  BEC President, Reece Scott and Origin President, Javier Medina, discuss the distinctive features of “The Cat House” and how architects and engineers can come together with synergy to produce masterpieces.  This is one example of BEC Engineers and Consultants specialization in custom creativity to fulfill our clients’ vision and make their dreams a reality.

A Home for Cats! The Houston Modern Home Tour with BEC Engineers and Consultants and Origin Architects


Toner Home Matters

TONER Home Matters

TONER Home Matters is an energy, sustainability and forensic consulting group that reviews a structure with a unique process focused on holistic integration. In this process, we work with the project owner and building team to ensure the longevity of the incorporated systems while predesigning out potential building deficiencies. Our processes are required for all new homes, remodels and historic projects across the State of Texas. Simply, applying forensic considerations at the design stage of a project is a proactive practice that will help ensure desirable outcomes.